Stanislaus and Tuolumne Rivers Groundwater Basin Association Groundwater Sustainability Agency

Groundwater Office Hours

Learn more about what’s happening in the Modesto Subbasin! Visit this page often for information on upcoming Groundwater Office Hours events.

Office Hours Meeting Recordings

Groundwater Stakeholder Survey

We have put together a survey to learn more about your groundwater issues and/or concerns as well as collect general water user information and opinions. Input from the survey will serve as a valuable tool as STRGBA develops the Groundwater Sustainability Plan. Individual responses will remain anonymous.

Modesto Subbasin Communication and Engagement Plan

As part of the GSP process, the STRGBA GSA compiled the Modesto Subbasin Communication and Engagement Plan that provides a high-level overview of potential near- and long-term outreach strategies, tactics, and tools that support public and stakeholder communication actions.


Interbasin Coordination

STRGBA GSA actively works with neighboring subbasins to share information and progress on the GSP process.